heather logan

Hello! My name is Heather Logan and I am a private chef and cooking instructor in Seattle. I have 15 years of restaurant experience and a degree from Seattle Culinary Academy, all of which have informed my farm-to-table approach to food. I have also participated in and assisted at Quillisascut Farm School, which has given me a deep connection with our food system and inspired me to educate others about how we can all be agents of positive change through what we choose to put on our plates. At my last job as the chef at Juicebox Cafe, I developed my cooking style to embrace local and seasonal plant-based food. I love preparing bright, healthful dishes that are nourishing to the body and soul. Everybody should be eating the rainbow and I’m here to help. Whether I’m teaching small groups or cooking for families, I am passionate about making food accessible to everyone, which is why I love introducing people to new ingredients and methods of cooking.

As the chef for Birchwood Mindfulness Retreats with Dr. Jessica Gillooly, I create an immersive experience in which the retreat participants are encouraged to use the kitchen as a launching point for their mindfulness practice. After all, a kitchen is a feast for the senses and an invitation to be present in the process.

The recipes on this site are designed to bring people together around food and to encourage everyone to have a deep, meaningful connection with our food system. Many of the recipes written here are a partnership between myself and Jubilee Farm in Carnation, WA. If these recipes resonate with you and your health goals, check out my personal chef offerings and cooking classes.

Thank you so much for visiting.

heather in the kailyard

(What’s a Kailyard?)

Kailyard is the Scots word for a kitchen garden where kale, cabbages, and other vegetables are grown! Kailyard also describes a 19th century Scottish literary movement that was defined by its sentimental focus on rural life. It seems a fitting term for a chef whose vision includes returning to traditional foods and vegetable focused diets.