kale and kumquat salad

Full Meal Service

The perfect choice for a hassle free dinner… Leave all the cooking to your Personal Chef! On your scheduled cook date, I’ll prepare four to six servings of three, four, or five entrees with an appropriate side dish – basic grain, pasta, or vegetable. **

Three Entrees (three entrees, four portions each, 12 full meals) – $300 plus groceries

Four Entrees (four entrees, four portions each, 16 full meals) – $325 plus groceries

Five Entrees (five entrees, four portions each, 20 full meals) – $350 plus groceries

What Will Groceries Cost?

That really depends on you! I shop at the grocery store of your choosing and cook whatever you like. While one store may be a bit pricier than another and lobster usually costs more than chicken, I’ve gotten pretty good at balancing menus and keeping clients grocery bills inline with their budget.

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**Additional entrees, servings, single serving portioning, full vegan/highly specialized menus and heartier, more complex side dishes and desserts extra.