Generous is a word I would use when describing Heather’s approach to the culinary arts. Having attended three retreats where Heather was responsible for the food, I have had an opportunity to see her response to our group dynamic. Our first retreat in 2015 saw Heather providing the meals on her own. She explained her process and the concept of farm to table eating. While great, most of us wanted a more hands on experience. Heather rose to the occasion and our next retreat saw us involved with the preparation of our meals. This is where generosity comes in, the learning experience was wonderful. We all came away with knowledge and confidence. I have prepared many of the dishes that were presented at our retreats using ingredients that were introduced previously unknown or underused.

The meals presented at our retreats were a feast for the senses. We were mindfully aware of all of the elements involved in the making of our meals. The colors, textures, smells and tastes made each meal memorable.

Thanks Heather! My words can in no way express my feelings of the experience of working with you in the kitchen.

Mary Ann B.